Crime in Namibia

Namibia is situated in sub-Saharan Africa, a region that has some of the highest crime rates in the world. This situation is caused by poverty, a low level of development, and enormous social and economic disadvantages. Crimes reported in Namibia amounted to 96,200 in the financial year March 2008–February 2009, in 2009/10 to 98,671, and in 2010/11 to 90,675. More than two fifths of all reported crimes occur in the capital Windhoek, where the majority of reported crimes are burglaries, robberies, [...]

Cybersecurity Issues

Namibia has a growing communications network with reliable Internet and data services. Reports of cyberscams and cybersecurity issues are rare. Most of the cyberscams are via SMS, due to the large percentage of Namibians who own cellular phones. Most of these scams involve phishing messages purporting to be from a bank or other reputable organization. The SMS asks the user to click on a link or send personal information. Make a habit of regularly checking bank statements and online [...]

Transportation Safety Situation

Road Safety and Road Conditions Driving can be hazardous. Although major roads are generally well-maintained, Namibia’s network of gravel secondary roads can be dangerous, with areas of washboarding on heavily used roads developing year-round, and flooding is possible during the rainy season. Defensive driving is essential to compensate for road conditions and the excessive speed and reckless passing tactics used by many drivers. Driving at night outside urban areas is dangerous, as darkened roads make it difficult to see road [...]